About Evolution UI

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The first of its kind, Evolution UI is an open-source front-end web framework comprising a collection of innovative and unique web components. These innovative web components are intended to provide a different and enriched online experience and were created by the students of Bov Academy Institute of Programming and Futuristic Engineering (you can learn more about this project and read a write-up on each component by visiting the Bov Academy Blog). This framework is intended to be a hub of web development innovation and we invite everyone to explore their creativity and contribute something innovative of their own to keep the project thriving.

While some of the components are still in development, many are ready for production. The components have been developed with HTML, CSS, Sass, and vanilla JavaScript.

The site you are viewing is a showcase site for all of the components constituting the Evolution framework. Here, you can browse the various components and view the source HTML behind each one. You can also learn about bit about the framework's maintainers; please take a look at the "Maintainers" page if you'd like get to know us better, and, of course, feel free to reach out to any one of us with questions, comments, or to get involved with the project!

You can check out the project on GitHub by clicking here.

Thanks again,
The Evolution UI Team